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Tim Crowley

I have been a consistent reader of Neal Spelce’s weekly letter for more than 20 years.  I have found it to be very valuable because it offers such an insightful summary of topics of interest and importance to our City and Region.

Pete Winstead

What is special about The Neal Spelce Austin Letter is that it doesn’t just report what has happened, it anticipates what’s next.  I like the way it cuts through the clutter, emphasizing what is important to those of us who work and live in the Austin area and are dedicated to the area’s quality of life.  Sound judgment and integrity reinforces the reliability of the information.  And Neal presents it in clear, concise language.

Terry Townsend

As a subscriber for more than 25 years, it has been my experience that The Neal Spelce Austin Letter was one of the most valuable resources read by me while President/CEO of the Texas Hospital Association; it was shared with all of our senior executives.  Now, in retirement, the letter is still enjoyed for its interesting observations on Austin, state and national news, and I recommend it to friends frequently.

R. L. “Ron” Knight

Neal is an Austin legend who has shared his objective, cutting-edge information with loyal subscribers for decades.  He is a terrific resource for issues that matter in my everyday personal and business life.  I really look forward to every Friday’s edition.  It’s that good!

Ken DeAngelis

Neal, I have faithfully read your newsletter for years as it is the most concise and rich reservoir of information on the critical issues facing Austin and Central Texas.  Without question, you are my ‘go to source’ and keep me very well informed.

Howard Falkenberg

I’ve read the Neal Spelce Austin Letter since the first issue.  Sometimes Neal’s information makes me look downright smart, which is very difficult to do.  The Letter consistently provides perspective.  It’s a great resource for informing advice that I provide to clients in my public affairs work.

Dan Rather

Neal has more experience reporting from and about Austin than anyone I know, and the depth and range of his contacts is amazing.  What’s more, he has a real ‘feel’ for the city.  He’s so good at scooping out trends and future developments, in fact, that I sometimes suspect he uses some secret Austin Ouija board, to which he alone is privy.

Dean Goodnight

The Neal Spelce Austin Letter is a quick and insightful read.  As a subscriber for many years, I continue to appreciate how well Neal, and staff, are on top of the topics that I find useful.

Ronney Reynolds

The Neal Spelce Austin Letter keeps me abreast of not only the news, but the why.  By talking to the ‘insiders’ he is able to give me information before it becomes news.

Larry Temple

The Neal Spelce Austin Letter provides useful information and insights I do not get from any other publication.