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You can get valuable, immediately-actionable, insight into Austin, the nation’s most dynamic city, each week from this useful and unique website.

There are many sources of information about Austin on the Internet (some of them may even be accurate).

But don’t simply settle for information when you can gain INSIGHT, as well as information.

The Neal Spelce Austin Letter is the only source to provide you with actionable insights, coupled with forecasts and trends you can use. And it is reliable. After all, subscribers have been receiving the weekly Austin Letter since 1979.

“I’ve read The Neal Spelce Austin Letter since the first issue. Sometimes Neal’s information makes me look downright smart, which is very difficult to do!” …public affairs practitioner.

Each week, you will get a timely letter. It is packed with business and economic perspectives. Along with topics that impact the growth and development of the metro area. Topics such as real estate, the environment, high tech, education, politics and government. Yet, it takes less than ten minutes to read.

“The Neal Spelce Austin Letter is a quick and insightful read.” … real estate investor

It goes behind the headlines, often telling you the real story and sometimes even telling you why the headlines may have been misleading. The Neal Spelce Austin Letter is straight-forward, with a tell-it-like-it-is approach that also tells-you-what-to-look-for in the weeks and months ahead.

“What is special about The Neal Spelce Austin Letter is that it doesn’t just report what has happened, it anticipates what’s next” … Austin attorney.