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Who is Neal Spelce?

And why is the Austin Letter the best source for you to stay ahead of one of the most dynamic markets in the US?

Each week, since 1979, Neal Spelce has stepped back, looked out the window, and thought about what is important in the Austin area and what it means. Then he puts it down in a straight-forward reporting manner that takes advantage of his journalistic background. (He was awarded the nation’s highest journalistic honor for radio reporting and was named #1 in the US for “consistently outstanding TV news reporting.”)  Additionally, he holds three different communications degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.

But more than acting as an observer, chronicling significant events in the Austin area, he has been actively involved as a civic and business leader. He has been credited with shaping the Austin of today in so many different business and civic arenas that he was named “Austin’s Most Worthy Citizen.”  And he is constantly in demand as a dynamic and entertaining speaker to explain Austin’s vibrancy.

Neal has more experience reporting from and about Austin than anyone I know, and the depth and range of his contacts is amazing.  What’s more, he has a real ‘feel’ for the city.  He’s so good at scooping out trends and future developments, in fact, that I sometimes suspect he uses some secret Austin Ouija board, to which he alone is privy.
Dan Rather, TV Journalist, New York City and Austin Resident